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Best Project Management Software is the premier source of productive collaboration and communication apps for business enterprise. It combines all information in a single convenient board and enables the project manager and team members to make cohesive decisions. It is a compact tool that excels as a project management software. It is award-winning software that received prestigious recognition over the past years including Great User Experience Award, Expert’s Choice, and Supreme Software. focuses on streamlined contribution, assisting business departments to perform in the most efficient way possible. It lays out progress reports in a clear and accurate format, making it easy to understand the team members. Status updates are also presented to ensure that all members are on the same page. It is the goal of to provide useful features that can increase the workflow in the company. has a neat and well-organized collaboration-first system. It replicates the interface of some of the most popular social media platforms and other famous interaction sites. Though might remind you of some of your well-loved apps, it boasts an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t need any tutorial or training to get started. However, the company still offers various tutorial videos available for first-time users to ensure that you get the best experience when using The Best Project Management Software

Monday home is the leading project management and collaboration software in the market. It has several features that can refine the performance of any business enterprise. The team behind this software carefully planned every characteristic to make sure that it can contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the business. Features are specifically created in a compact and convenient user-friendly package. Upon the first encounter with’s shared and private boards, one can tell that it is the best PM and collaboration software out there.

Ways Can Upgrade Business Performance

It has daily monitoring and convenient access specializes in a particular board concept. It offers feedback on how the projects or tasks gets to be done efficiently and how the entire company can speed up its performance. The board contains all the job that needs to be done. It can be accessed by employees assigned to it and other parties that are interested to monitor its progress. What’s great about is external partners and project beneficiaries can also view the job details and progress, even if they don’t have an account in the system. This is possible through status updates and special notifications sent to them. Aside from this, they are also given the ability to approve or reject projects even if they are not a permanent member of the system.

Generally, is a committed PM software that conveniently enables regular monitoring.

It has an easy collaboration feature

Collaboration is a vital aspect for business enterprise and supports it. Collaborators have a say in the project because one of the best ways to improve business performance is to have easy communication. They can leave status report comments; facilitate forums; and ask questions. To make it even better, allows file sharing in various formats. Moreover, it has a live Facebook and Twitter activity feed that holds essential minutes of meetings among managers, members, and collaborators.

It is a customizable platform

Business enterprise want software that’s easy to customize and proves to be just like that. Its features are highly customizable and versatile. Users can configure it until they can create a platform that’s functional for their brand. No matter how many changes are undertaken, is still in charge and it adjusts to every change made by the user, that includes upgraded status updates, re-assigned employees, and rejected tasks. leaves no room for error but in case it happens, one can immediately determine who is responsible for it.

It is ready to help its users is well-known for being readily-available to its users. It offers complete access not only to premium users but to every user - no matter what plan they are using. With this, users can guarantee that is always ready to assist them with their business.

It has fine reporting and analytics tools

History record holds essential information about the company’s performance over the years. With the help of powerful reporting and analytics tools in, one can easily organize and store a history spreadsheet like a pro. This spreadsheet is updated on a day to day basis to ensure that every important activity in the company is recorded. If third-party systems want to access it, it can be exported quickly. What’s great about the history spreadsheet powered by is the fact that it is neat and easy to understand.

It is intelligently integrated is the established software ecosystem that never fails its users. When it comes to integration, it never falls short. It is connected to Zapier, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Developers can also showcase their skills in building integrations because has an API architecture.

What Is Project Management Software? is a project management software that is utilized in project management, scheduling, planning, and resource allocation. It provides users, stakeholders, and project managers the ability to easily manage budgeting, control cost, and facilitate documentation. It can also be used as a productive administration system. is also the perfect platform for communication and collaboration among project stakeholders.

Even if can be utilized in different ways, its primary purpose is to improve the monitoring and planning of project stakeholders, components, and resources.

How do Project Management Applications Function?

  • Task management - Enables easy planning and allocation of assignments, due dates, and status updates.
  • Document sharing and collaboration - Improves effectiveness through central document repository accessed by stakeholders of the project.
  • Project planning - To understand the project schedule, the project manager may utilize to illustrate project assignments and define task interactions visually.
  • Calendar and contact sharing - provides project timelines that contain activity dates, scheduled meetings, and contacts that are in synch with calendars of all the stakeholders and project managers.
  • Time tracking - can monitor the time for all projects and assignments that can be reviewed by third-party consultants.
  • Bug and error management - delivers regular bug and error updating, notifying, viewing, and reporting for stakeholders.

How Does Works?

As the contemporary workplace continues to improve, project management should also follow. Gone are the days where post-it notes are the center of project management. Today, business enterprise is seeking for the most productive and affordable tools that could help them achieve more while doing less. fits all of these requirements. As the leading project management software in the industry, it works with all kinds of businesses. It offers wide-ranging tools that are highly customizable.

Of course, resistance is evident among businesses. As human, change is something that’s intimidating to pursue but, it also opens new doors of opportunities if one is brave enough to get past it. Business owners are looking for affirmations on why they need to invest in this particular software.

Well, the advantages from using as project management software is enough to erase those fears and look forward to more efficient business performance.

Monday process

Here are the advantages of using this software:

  • 1. Improved Scheduling Scheme

Organizing tasks for the day can be difficult, especially if every employee needs to be updated with their job. To address this, has easy to monitor Gantt charts that work great in the project timeline, since it can be updated from time to time. This is a highly-recommended tool when tasks change and resources have to be modified over time. It also enables project managers to give out clear and understandable instructions. Every team member knows where they stand and what task they should tackle. Progress reports are also displayed.

  • 2. Easier Collaboration

With so many tasks that need to be addressed and objectives that need to be accomplished, it’s difficult for every employee to know what is happening outside their work circle. Luckily, resolves this problem right away. For instance, it uses Wrike to deliver a live activity stream wherein other employees can tell what their fellow employees are doing. It also has an instant messaging feature that powers smooth communication among project managers and team members.

The software-based service and real-time nature of allow teams to collaborate efficiently, eliminating any possible communication mishap. Apart from this, it also avoids unnecessary update meetings that usually contributes to project delays and eats up a huge chunk of time.

  • 3. Allocates Assignments Faster and Easier

For project managers, handing out tasks to every team member is a time-constraining task, especially if it is for big projects that need every workforce in the company, including departments in different locations. With, project managers can skip the tedious task of briefing every member with the project. Instead, the task is inserted in the project timeline of those team members assigned to the job. It also comes with clear instructions to eliminate time-consuming meetings. This makes the life of project managers and team members easier since they can just check the software and see the task that they should be working on.

  • 4. Better Communication with Customers

A conference call with customers can go wrong with the scheduling. What is expected is a 10:00 am meeting ends up being moved for 30 minutes or more, which is unprofessional and ineffective. On top of that, it is also time-consuming for both parties. Fortunately, with, this event doesn’t happen. Customers can easily open the project board and track down work progress. They can also provide feedback and make changes in several areas. All they need is a username and password. If you look at it, this scheme is much more effective and it saves time and effort between customer and business enterprise.

  • 5. Document Sharing and Access

When everything is placed in one board, users have much greater control over their files. This is exactly what is offering to everyone. Apart from this, it eliminates the risk of misplacing or losing documents since the system enables users to monitor submissions and changes, which leads to transparency and accountability over who has altered the information in a specific document. is also practical since team members can instantly locate documents without the need to go through countless shared drives or links. This offers convenience for users who are looking for an updated version of a document or if you find yourself in a tight situation where you need to access a specific file for a last-minute meeting.

  • 6. Budget Management
This is the last advantage offered by the versatile and multipurpose software system of For project managers who want to control their budget for a specific project, it is the software that will prevent expenses from getting out of hand. delivers insight on which team member has completed a task and for how many hours. With this information, those who are in charge of the budget can see the real-time costs and determine which area uses too much money. By being aware of where the money is going, one can make smart decisions for future projects, enabling managers to make changes where it is necessary or divide work hours differently.

One can easily overlook the budget when the focus is mainly on the project but with valuable insights from, project managers can make effective decisions that can improve business performance.

If your company operates efficiently and follows a proper budget, customers will be satisfied, which means they will keep coming back. helps business enterprises deliver satisfactory services to their customers by improving performance. The result? Everybody wins, which is the greatest advantage of using the ultimate project management software.

The Best Solution to Manage Your Projects: Monday

Project management software is an all-in-one tool that helps with project planning, task management and work in general. It lets you communicate and work together with other employees. It also helps with documentation, notes organization, task delegation, and project schedules. Despite these perks, it wasn’t always that smooth-sailing. There comes a time when project managers have no choice but to settle for platforms like Excel, Microsoft Project, JIRA, and Outlook. Project managers, team members, and managers had a hard time communicating their ideas with each other. And as of today, this conflict still exists.

Monday Timeline

Time is essential and there are still individuals who waste it using these inefficient tools. has a lot of features that can enhance any business performance and characteristics that make it a much better alternative to other platforms in the industry. It has a compact yet easy-to-use package that even beginners can use. Upon seeing the shared and private boards, you will instantly know that you made the right choice to improve the efficiency of your business. is a one-stop-shop for every work you have and the best thing is; it is connected to all of your favorite apps which makes everything incredibly easy and hassle-free.

Regular Monitoring & Easy Access operates using an individualized Board concept. This means that it offers comprehensive insights on your tasks and projects, and even on the overall performance of your company if you need it. The main Board holds all the tasks and projects together and sends them to the team members or other parties involved. This way, everyone in charge would be able to track their performance to efficiently accomplish the assignment. Project beneficiaries, external partners, and other interested parties that don’t have an account on will still be updated through special notifications. They can authorize or reject a project without the need to be a permanent member of the platform. makes it easy to track the performance of members and teams. This way, project managers can save an ample amount of time and have more chance to work on other vital business operations.

An All-in-One System allows the user to customize any desired option until he can create the platform that caters to every specification of his brand. It divides tasks and projects into individual rows, categorizes them according to teams and members, and holds specific policies and regulations. No matter how many alterations you’ve made, will follow all the changes, including modified statuses and dates, rejected projects, and reassigned members. This is because it is a flexible and versatile platform. In case that something goes wrong – though there is a very tiny chance that this could happen on – you will be able to identify who triggered it.

Committed to Easy Collaboration excels best in the field of collaboration. Team members can talk about tasks and projects and get it done in just a few clicks. Collaborators can also communicate with each other by asking questions, adding comments on updated tasks, facilitate discussions, and participate in answering forum sessions. Aside from this, ensures that all of its members will enjoy a seamless file transfer procedure, which allows the uploading of files in a different format. It also follows a live Twitter or Facebook activity feed that holds all information during every discussion.

Trustworthy and Caring Partner is known for giving full assistance, regardless of the plan you are in. This only shows that it is a platform that cares for its users. It is like a huge family, wherein members can discuss issues and finish tasks. It also provides innovations and ensures quality business performance.

Reliable Analytics and Reporting Tool

In, analytics and reporting are carried out flawlessly. It can gather and arithmetically connect adjoining tasks and projects, keep them organized in a historical spreadsheet, and allow users to locate them with few clicks whenever they need it. The historical record contains transparent and organized information that can easily be translated into workable metrics. On top of that, this spreadsheet is updated on a daily basis and it can be easily exported to third-party systems.

Smartly integrated also excels when it comes to integrations. Being an established software ecosystem, it is connected it various sharing and management tools, including Google Drive, Zapier, and Dropbox. It also comes with an open API architecture that allows developers to create their personalized integrations. and Its Advantages

  • 1. Create Clear Goals

Establishing objectives for tasks is a crucial step because it serves as a roadmap on how you can achieve it. When a group has a clear vision of their goals, it’s easier to enhance productivity in the workplace, instead of finishing tasks with no direction at all. delivers transparency from the presentation of tasks up to their due dates. This allows members to finish their tasks on time, without worrying about crossing the deadline. This is the best way to level up efficiency and performance among members of the team.

  • 2. Offers Real Insights

When it comes to project management, you need a bird’s eye-view to determine true motives. If this is missing, it would be difficult for your team to prepare ahead of time. This is where incredible software, such as gets in the picture.

Monday specializes in giving valuable insights in terms of the progress of your team and workflow of your team members. For instance, project managers can tell if members are doing their tasks. They can also divide the workload equally among members to avoid overloading. With valuable insights, managers can guarantee that all the tasks are spread out and the workflow remains productive and efficient.

  • 3. Improves Team Effort is the project management software that updates you with the status of your task from time to time. With this, you can see what’s slowing down your progress and tells you what solution needs to be undertaken. Your entire team can focus more on that certain area and make it a priority, rather than allowing someone to do it on their own. Thanks to, your whole team will solve the bottleneck of the task and team effort will be improved.

  • 4. Amazing Team Collaboration

When you have a small group, status updates and meetings are easier to get done. However, as your team expands, it would be hard to ensure that each of them gets your message about meetings and updates. Also, it would be difficult to check if they are still working efficiently as a team. strides in and closes this gap. It helps you assign tasks easily and maintain the productivity in your company.

  • 5. Helps Set Priorities

It’s easy to look past the important thing if you are too focused on the outcome. helps project managers and team members set their priorities. It allows you to focus on every task that needs to be undertaken to achieve the final goal. This results in a seamless workflow.

  • 6. Fewer Meetings

Typically, you will go to the conference room to attend a meeting. What’s supposed to be a productive time for the update will slow down progress because projects get left behind while everyone is figuring out who’s going to do it in the said meeting. With, there will be fewer meetings and more work getting done. This is because everyone gets an update every day about the status of a certain project and eliminates the need to attend boring meetings.

  • 7. 24/7 Access has a 24/7 access. This doesn’t mean that you need to work for the whole week and sacrifice your personal life. This feature ensures that the vital member of your project gets updated all the time, even if he/she lives miles away from the workplace.

Aside from this, if an important file is in someone’s email, it would be easier for the team to access it. If essential meeting notes are stored in someone’s local hard drive, getting it would be a piece of cake. With, everything is backed up and easily accessible. It has a smartphone app that enables convenient access and keeps the team intact wherever they are.

  • 8. Enhance Productivity

Project management is supposed to make your work life easier and more efficient. With, you can access the latest features and equipment that you never knew you needed. All of these features are guaranteed to support team communication and enhance productivity, not slow down your work progress.

  • 9. Look Forward To The Future is currently developing futuristic and state of the art project management features. One of its most notable technological advancements is the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning into project management platforms. The idea behind this massive advancement is that machines have adapted the behaviors of their human counterparts. Silently, they learn team habits and work trends. is known for pursuing groundbreaking machine learning for future project management vision. They are now collecting data, improving models, and widening their future to come up with an AI that could improve productivity.

Today, uses intuitive artificial intelligence like Google Assistance and Alexa. It also has a predictive project management that helps you choose the ideal team member for a certain task.

Incredible Features of

Project management software has a reputation of being complicated but with, it doesn’t have to be like that. Just take a look at these features:

  • Numerous assignees – allows members to work together on one project.
  • Assigned comments – immediately produce and assigns action items for all members of the team.
  • Custom statuses – personalizes the team’s workflow according to the project they are working on.
  • Rich Text Editing – responsively attractive rich formatting interface. With this, you can ditch basic text and choose among multiple formats.
  • Multi-management – group projects and multiple tasks are assigned in a few clicks.
  • Priorities – makes customized priority levels and organize projects according to their importance. This ensures that the most essential tasks are done first. 
  • Smart Search – has the most intelligent search function. Just when you know everything is great, it’s even better with its Artificial Intelligence.
  • Drag and Drop – drag and drop tasks no matter where they are in, may it be in Box View, List, or Board.
  • Due Dates – organize tasks according to specific time and day. sends a notification once the task is overdue.
  • Integrations – sends tasks to and from Slack, enables exceptional management and collaboration with Git workflows, and sync time tracking through Harvest.
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Issues Addressed by

1. Keep team members on the same page is suitable for big companies. All departments can create a board wherein all members can see the main objectives and tasks for the future quarter. Everyone can see what the other departments are doing and what level of the project they are working on. Moreover, project managers will be able to track the progress of projects and tasks. If some members are stuck and they cause delays, the manager can immediately send them a message to notify them of the issue. This removes the need to call someone for a face-to-face meeting or looking for someone and ask them about their performance. removes any traffic in the workplace, gives managers more time to do important operations, offers individualized member’s feedback for increased productivity, and get more work done.

2. Easy collaboration with third parties and freelancers is also fit for small companies. Since this type of company usually collaborates with third parties and freelancers, it helps project managers set up a board wherein they can freely choose who they wanted to share it with. Other members of the company won’t be able to access it unless they are part of it. For instance, if you are a designer and you are working with a customer, you can create a board that contains his project. In this board, he can track down your progress and he will be notified once you send brand new updates for him. Once the design plan is finished, you can share it on the board for your clients to see. If he approves the plan or requests for certain changes, you will be able to see it since you will also be notified.

3. Highly customizable interface

If you create T-shirts and you have a personalized project workflow, you can make a board with different progress levels that’s dedicated for a specific stage of your project. You will work with a different group of people and if they are not situated in your office, the board will put them in their proper location. For example, the first stage of your project would be design, the second is manufacturing, and the third is shipping. Now that you have established a board for your project, the members for each stage can easily update you once they are done. If the design team is complete, they can instantly change the tile for that stage to “done.” This will inform the manufacturing team that their work is about to start. They continue the project and change the tile to “done” once they are finished. Finally, your T-shirts are ready for shipping. Once the tile for this final stage is switched to “done”, this means that your workflow and communication are successful.


Every business enterprise has unique characteristics and they need project management software like to help them achieve seamless workflow and enhanced business performance. It has a state-of-the-art service that works perfectly for any type of business. Big enterprises and small companies can benefit from this platform. Whether you need a simple and user-friendly app with basic functions or advanced management tool, has it all. specializes in work management. It keeps every team members in one board to keep communication easy and fast. Objectives are laid out and goals are arranged according to priority. Everyone is given an equal workload to ensure efficient workflow. Problems and delays are easily identified, and those causing it are instantly messaged to restore the efficiency in the workplace. Unnecessary meetings are avoided with day to day update. On top of that, has 24/7 accessibility for emergency work situations such as misplaced files or meeting information.

Lastly, treats its user as family. No matter what plan you avail, you can guarantee full access to its wide-ranging features and tools. This is because its vision is to give the best assistance to its users when it comes to project management. With, business performance is increased. Employees work in equal terms and projects are achieved together. Workflow is hassle-free and problems are avoided. Everyone in the company can work in a happy and stress-free environment, that’s what this software guarantees.

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