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Why Use Scrum?

It takes an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of software engineering to appreciate the advantages of Scrum. Scrum as a framework allows the team members to create a methodology that works for them.

• The project as a Moving Target. Agile as a mindset expects that the project scope is not limited to what it starts with. The team members know to expect that the project is a moving target and that other requirements will become known while the project is moving forward. Scrum includes this concept of a moving target and incorporates it in the product backlog and in the sprints. Traditional structured design and development’s main flaw is that the project once delivered is obsolete. The traditional approach to a project is fixed at the time it was started. Agile takes this into consideration and adds functionality as the project develops. Scrum has incorporates these revisions as part of the methodology.

• Projects Within Schedule. The framework helps assure that the project is finished on time and under budget. There is a fixed project timeframe. It is not a matter of “finished or unfinished, pass your papers” instead it is “this is what can be accomplished in the timeframe, and that’s what is going to be done.” Almost all elements of Scrum are timeboxed. Time is a finite resource and it is used judiciously in various activities. When the timeframe is fixed, the budget is rarely exceeded.

• Projects Within Budget. Scrum’s point of view of time, activities and budget is contrary to traditional project management paradigms. Instead of total cumulative costs, it has a burndown chart of the budget. There is more urgency because the team sees how much is left of the allocated time and resources.


Does Scrum Master Need to Know Coding?

The quick answer is no! The Scrum Master does not need to know coding. The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the team adheres to the Scrum process and helps the team to be as productive as possible. They do not need to be able to code themselves in order to do this. What […]

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What is a Scrum Sprint in Agile?

Scrum Sprint is a time framework that achieves fixed deliverables with the high-value product. It covers the sprint agile methodology and covers scrum events.

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Agile Manifesto – Understand it the Right Way

The Agile Manifesto is the foundation of a mindset towards modern software development. It aims to deliver quality software on time and under budget.

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Kanban vs. Scrum – Which is the Better Choice

Comparing Kanban vs scrum is a constant discussion in project management and software development. Read and understand the difference between the two.

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Scrum Board: Looking at Your Work in Progress

A scrum board is a visual representation of the sprint progress. You can also incorporate other elements in the board to provide more information.

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Defining Terms of Engagement for Agile vs Scrum

Agile is a mindset on developing software, and Scrum is a process framework that work together to deliver quick, iterative, adaptive and high-quality software.

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